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Contact us now to book your washer repair in Mt Prospect IL with a company you can rely on.

We have maintained and repaired appliances in the Mt Prospect IL region for dozens of years now. With a long list of happy clients who have turned to us for their washer repair needs in the past, we are proud to say we can handle any washer repair in Mt Prospect IL. This includes both the fixing and servicing of washing machines for residential use, and for commercial purposes.

We can even do the repair from within your rental property, in a large apartment complex, or even in a laundromat or similar place of business. When you come to us for a washer repair, we first get you to elaborate on the problem at hand. As you explain what's wrong with your washing machine, and which washer parts seem faulty, we get a good feel for what could be to blame.

Then we have a professional Mt Prospect washer repair guy or gal visit your Mt Prospect IL residence or business to fully diagnose the problem. This is where we can tell exactly what it will cost to fix up your appliance and get it working as it should; if the rate works for you, we will promptly grab the washer parts in Mt Prospect IL and get back to finish the repair.

Our prices are always fair, as we only ding you for the washer parts and labor; if you aren't certain, call around before committing to us and see how we compare with the rest. If you happen to choose us for the job, keep in mind you will also get $10 off if it's our first time dealing together.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Buying a new washing machine? You may want to think about choosing a front-loading model. Not only are these more convenient, but they can reduce the cost of your energy bill as well. A washing machine utilizes the vast majority of its energy on heating its water. As front-loading washers require less than half the amount of water as top-loading washers, there will be much less water to heat. This equates to not only savings on water costs, but savings on electricity costs as well.


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